While the pace of technology development and deployment is increasing, the need for efficient IT infrastructure and operations (IT I&O) is too often forgotten. The challenge is to keep development of your core technology while making sure the basics of IT I&O are supporting your company and helping it to scale. Keeping up isn’t enough to drive business success. While organizations in other verticals can opt for technology adoption on their schedule, clients and stakeholders expect tech companies to be on the forefront of IT I&O while developing their core offerings.

However, with many businesses already facing skilled staff shortages and increasing environment complexity, it can be easy to fall behind the curve. IT managed services from Innovative Technology Solutions can help bridge the gap and get your tech company back on track.

Tackling Technology Challenges

Success in the current global technology market requires companies to tackle — and overcome — three key challenges:

  • Adoption at speedDevelopments in technologies including mobile devices, cloud frameworks and advanced security controls don’t wait until businesses are ready. Fueled by market demand, they are emerging more quickly — and tech companies can’t afford to wait. Technology management services that help deploy new solutions at speed are critical for success. 
  • Agility on demandFlexibility is now the hallmark of effective technology deployments. If solutions are not performing as expected — or if they introduce unexpected security issues — companies need the ability to quickly pivot and find a better fit. 
  • Analytics at scaleData needs to drive line of business decision making. As a result, it is critical for enterprises to deploy IT I&O solutions that support insight and action at scale.

ITS Technology IT Solutions 

At ITS, we offer a range of technology management services to help your business make best use of existing — and evolving — IT infrastructure, including:

  • Comprehensive technology consultingOur IT consulting services can help you identify best-fit solutions to fulfill specific needs, which allows your tech teams to focus on important strategic initiatives.
  • Tiered technical supportNot every problem requires the same approach. We provide tiered, resolution based remote technical support which takes advantage of all the ingress methods you want: web portal, chatbot, self-service, as well as the traditional phone and email. Even though your staff are highly technical, there are incidents and requests which require a responsive service desk with the access rights and skills needed to improve your team’s productivity. 
  • Installs, moves, adds and changes (IMAC)IMAC technology management solutions from ITS can help streamline the process of installing, moving, adding or changing tech deployments on your network, all while reducing total complexity.
  • User access administrationRobust user access and authentication management is essential for balancing staff productivity and security. Responsive IDM, AD management, SSO and MFA limits the risk of security incidents while ensuring authorized access to critical data, applications and services.

ITS: By Experts, for Experts

Why ITS? We are technology experts — our team has the technical knowledge and practical experience to help your company boost productivity, optimize system performance and deliver strategic value.

More importantly, we recognize excellence when we see it. Your business is the best at what it does, which is why we are committed to deploying proven technology, processes and people to support your IT and IT I&O needs: Purpose-built, performance-focused, problem-solving frameworks that allow your team to tackle those tech industry challenges head-on.

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