Professional services are facing a major challenge in today’s increasingly tech-driven world: pleasing both staff and clients with robust IT support. While it is critical for these firms to offer in-depth, in-person knowledge to help customers achieve their goals, evolving market forces now require professional service enterprises to also deliver substantial and reliable IT solutions that complement face-to-face interactions.

Here’s how ITS can help.

Prioritizing Professional Potential 

Clients expect to make appointments online quickly and easily. They also want to access details of both physical and digital services and feel secure in supplying private data via protected online portals. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to IT for professional services — organizations also need critical infrastructure support and solutions to ensure they can capitalize on growing market demand.

Sustained, quality IT for professional services is now essential across four key areas:

  • Professional services automation As the amount of data processed by professional service firms rapidly expands in scale and scope, it is critical to automate key collection, storage and processing tasks. This ensures service delivery can remain client-focused and all data leveraged in strategic decision-making is both accurate and complete.
  • Access administration — Systems and data access plays a key role in the reputation of a professional service firm, as well as regulatory compliance. As a result, it is imperative to deploy robust identity management, permissions and access tools that ensure the right people have access for the right reasons.
  • Overall system performance — Outdated and outmoded IT systems won’t satisfy clients or staff. Responsive tools and infrastructure are required to ensure that system performance meets evolving expectations. 
  • Staff ease-of-use — No improvement of professional services is complete without upgraded employee access and ease-of-use. Service firms need systems that are straightforward, streamlined and include comprehensive support for user questions, concerns and potential problems.

Implementing IT Initiatives

How can firms effectively implement professional services solutions without breaking the bank? ITS offers client-focused, customizable packages including:

  • IT consulting for professional services — Our industry experts can help identify areas of concern in your current IT infrastructure deployment and suggest best-fit solutions for your unique IT environment while optimizing your ROI.
  • Complete systems administration — From remote systems monitoring to patching and network management, ITS can help ensure your IT infrastructure matches the polish and professionalism of your in-person interactions.
  • Enhanced asset management — As IT resources expand across professional services networks — from mobile and IoT devices to evolving data assets — it’s important to track, monitor and support these assets at scale. ITS has you covered with complete end-user support, including full asset lifecycle management and proactive end point health maintenance.
  • Resolution based service desk — If your teams are frustrated by recurring IT issues and ineffective support, their productivity suffers as a result. Our service desk has an industry leading first call resolution (FCR) rate and continuous improvement DNA which ensure your staff receives ever more valuable support to get them working again.

Finding the Best Fit

The right IT solutions for professional services require more than just technical expertise. To capitalize on professional potential and deliver client-focused outcomes that encourage long-term growth, professional service firms need an IT partner that understands both current industry challenges and evolving market forces.

At ITS, we combine technical depth with a focus on end-user satisfaction to help your organization increase employee productivity, achieve optimal system performance and ensure client gratification.

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