Technology offers significant value for pharmaceutical organizations — from powerful cloud-based networks that handle massive data analytics to 3D printing solutions that enable highly specialized drug production. Yet with increased adoption of IT in pharmaceutical industry applications comes increased complexity. Companies need a way to leverage the power of new computing, analytics and service solutions without sacrificing security or performance.

Innovative Technology Solutions can help.

The New Face of Pharma

Pharmaceutical IT deployments are constantly evolving, but expanding resource scale and scope often create unique technology issues that demand immediate attention. Coupled with increasing complexity, pharma companies often find themselves forced to treat IT symptoms — rather than solving for root causes.

At ITS, we’ve combined leading industry talent with best-of-breed technology solutions to offer pharmaceutical IT services including:

  • Immediate support: To deliver on promises of innovation and evolution, pharma companies need service desk support capable of quickly pinpointing user issues and determining the ideal treatment. Our service desk teams stand ready 24/7/365 to assist.
  • Ongoing assessment: What’s working in your IT environment? What isn’t? What’s the impact if essential systems fail at a critical moment or staff can’t access key services? Our continuous performance management and monitoring service aligns with your business objectives to identify key outcomes and assure system performance matches expectations.
  • Long-term asset management: The addition of social tools, business collaboration networks and third-party technologies to the scope of IT in the pharmaceutical industry has increased the depth and complexity of asset management. At ITS, we have the IT skills and scalable resources necessary to identify asset issues, determine root causes and ensure endpoint devices are always up to date.
  • Expert consultations: Pharmaceutical organizations excel at leveraging technology to develop products and improve current drug efficacy. However, most wouldn’t describe their organization as a “pharma IT company.” Selecting the ideal infrastructure solutions, platforms and applications to deliver key outcomes is challenging at best and overwhelming at worst. Our data-driven consulting services help identify essential areas for improvement and investment to enhance overall productivity.

Overcoming Complexity Challenges

In the race to develop innovative products and deliver on tech-driven future of pharmaceuticals, organizations must overcome three complexity challenges:

  • Scope: The sheer scope of devices and endpoints — from secure internal networks to remote work connections to cloud-based services — creates a complex service environment. On-demand, purpose-built service desk support is critical to simplify and streamline IT response.
  • Scale: The scale of cloud-based and big data resources continues to increase, in turn, reducing visibility and introducing more complexity. Asset and performance management improve transparency and enhance overall control.
  • Security: Pharmaceutical data stored on cloud servers or in SaaS applications represents a tempting target, while the increasing use of consumers’ personal data to drive new insight presents evolving privacy challenges. Expert IT consulting helps identify key areas for improvement and reduce infosec risk.

Improved Pharmaceutical IT Prognosis

Technology now drives pharmaceutical innovation, but also introduces complexity. At ITS, we’re committed to helping pharma companies streamline key processes, secure critical data and solve complex service issues.

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