The advent of industry 4.0 has changed manufacturing. Automated, intelligent tools and services demand IT departments that can keep pace and empower organizations to meet future expectations.

To align existing processes with emerging best practices, companies are adopting new IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, leveraging managed service providers capable of both enhancing end-user satisfaction and delivering quantifiable — and reliable — outcomes.

Improving Production Performance

Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) has developed a variety of value-driven services to help boost production performance and streamline operations. Some of our managed IT offerings include:

  • Tiered Technical SupportGet the support you need, when you need it — and empower staff to solve their own problems and reduce total overhead. Our ITIL-powered help desk delivers incident triage to maximize your IT support spend.
  • Asset ManagementManufacturing companies are caught between the need to quickly deploy new assets and manage devices across disparate IT infrastructure. Complete asset management from ITS can help maximize productivity and increase network transparency.
  • Infrastructure Management & MonitoringAs manufacturing services increasingly leverage cloud-connected networks and mobile-driven application, granular user control is paramount. Our user access administration services help actively secure information technology in the manufacturing industry.
  • IT Consulting Effective deployment of information technology in manufacturing demands a roadmap, but finding the ideal route is challenging as the scope and scale of technology rapidly expands. IT consulting from ITS helps your business find the best-fit manufacturing IT infrastructure for today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands.

Delivering On Demand

Many digital transformation projects are stuck in manufacturing purgatory as the need for change outpaces existing capabilities.

To meet the on-demand future of Industry 4.0, manufacturing companies need:

  • Superior support services — From shift-left initiatives to tiered technical support and 24/7 response, the need for always-on production processes speaks to the demand for superior information technology in manufacturing support. Metric-based, service-driven support empowers improved manufacturing outcomes.
  • Standardized IT management — Deploying new assets is critical to meet evolving consumer expectations for sustainable, socially conscious manufacturing processes. But IT solutions must also empower real-time inventory tracking and production line oversight; to avoid the digital transformation desert, companies need IT consulting and asset management capable of seeing the big picture without sidelining smaller-scale processes.
  • Stronger security solutions — Compromised networks, devices and accounts can sink productivity and drive PR disasters. By combining advanced user administration controls such as identity management and single sign-on (SSO) with robust OS management that includes regular patching, automatic updates and regular testing, companies can both reduce their risk and strengthen their security posture.

Make or Break

Manufacturing companies can’t ignore the impact of Industry 4.0. Evolving technologies make it possible to increase production speed by automating key processes and intelligently adapting to new solutions.

But the divide between historic IT processes and new expectations can undermine organizational efforts — lacking support, standardization and security, new initiatives may hinder rather than help.

At ITS, we’re committed to empowering your processes and enhancing your production with IT solutions for manufacturing that support business strategy, standardize implementation and secure critical assets.

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