Improve Your Technology Outcomes

Healthcare technology is continuously evolving. From real-time data collection to wearable devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitization of patient data, healthcare organizations need IT outcomes that meet emerging compliance requirements and exceed operational expectations.

At Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS), we deliver healthcare IT consulting and managed IT services that increase employee productivity, optimize system performance and enhance strategic value.

Here’s how.

Integrated Impact

As the managed service provider (MSP) market diversifies, MSPs must offer more than service desk support and basic maintenance. At ITS, we’ve created an integrated suite of services that work in tandem to deliver improved IT outcomes.

Our value-driven services include:

  • IT Consulting: What’s working in your support operation? What needs to change? Our experts assess every aspect of your service desk, support and delivery environment to identify key areas of improvement.
  • Service Desk Management: ITS strategically enhances your support desk by combining high-quality service desk support, network monitoring and mobile device monitoring to deliver issue resolution at speed.
  • Client Computing Management: System performance matters. We provide end-to-end device support including root cause analysis, proactive maintenance, and continuous improvement strategies to optimize overall performance and strengthen security.
  • System Performance Management: Business objectives and IT solutions must work in concert to enhance productivity and improve network usability. ITS takes a client-focused approach to deliver customized system strategies.

Prescriptive Potential

Managed IT services for healthcare are quickly becoming key operational advantages as organizations look for ways to leverage the volume and variety of medical data generated by new digital initiatives and meet the expectations of evolving compliance legislation.

Companies need healthcare IT services that do more than maintain the status quo. Expert, experienced support from ITS underpins critical healthcare technology objectives, such as:

  • Strategic Planning: As medical technologies and services evolve, healthcare IT support is essential to plan digital transformation and technology adoption strategies. Our healthcare IT consulting services help align goals with critical technology milestones.
  • Improved End-User Support: Doctors, nurses, administrative personnel and patients now expect on-demand access to key data and services. Service desk management from ITS streamlines service delivery and problem resolution.
  • Mobile Device Integration: Mobile and wearable devices are quickly becoming healthcare must-haves to empower patient access and enhance data collection. Client computing management from ITS improves your ability to integrate new technologies and identify potential problems without sacrificing data security.
  • Enhanced Network Operations: Healthcare networks are rapidly becoming larger and more complex as patient data moves through multiple systems to help identify treatment needs, assess outcomes and recommend new strategies. System performance management from ITS can optimize IT performance and empower long-term strategic advantages.

Specialized Support

ITS is different from other healthcare IT providers. We’re a focused yet flexible partner with expertise across multiple industries. It’s our mission to deliver specialized, customized and integrated IT support across your organization to empower transformation objectives and enhance end-user outcomes.

Integration. Transformation. Specialization. Discover what ITS can do for your healthcare organization. Get in touch.