Spending on government IT solutions has historically focused on supporting legacy technologies. As a result, local and state government IT solutions are often behind the competitive curve when it comes to agility, security and performance.

In a world of evolving data privacy legislation, nation-state cyberattacks and technology-savvy citizens, even the status quo is no longer enough. Public sector IT services must do more than keep pace — state and local governments need technology services capable of satisfying current compliance requirements and creating a firm foundation for future technology deployments.

Staying Current — And Compliant

At Innovative Technology Solutions, we combine the deep knowledge of government IT procurement and best practice expertise necessary to design, develop and deploy critical IT solutions for state and local agencies.

Our fully integrated service offerings include:

  • Advanced service desk support: Timely support is critical for public sector IT services — users need problems resolved ASAP and customer satisfaction is now a priority. Our highly skilled service desk teams help ensure IT issues are identified, addressed and remediated quickly.
  • Agile asset management: The rapid uptake of mobile device and distributed endpoints is problematic for government IT departments. Device loss or theft can lead to network compromise or classified data breaches. By leveraging skilled staff and scalable resources, we’re able to manage your asset stack on demand.
  • Analysis-based performance monitoring: Performance matters in government IT. Downtime is costly and risky, especially as the volume of citizens’ personal data stored on state and local servers continues to expand. Our teams repeatedly review network health and performance using key metrics and measurements for optimal performance.
  • Assessment-driven IT consulting: Compliance is more critical than ever in public sector IT services. Failure to meet evolving local and international laws carries significant consequences. Our government IT consulting experts help new technology deployments boost overall performance and deliver on compliance expectations.

What’s Next for Government IT Solutions?

As cloud-based services become commonplace and IT resource demands increase, legacy deployments won’t be enough to satisfy staff needs, citizen requirements and compliance concerns.

To meet the technology demands of the next decade — and beyond — local and state government IT solutions must:

  • Adapt to changing demands: From mobile device integration to on-demand service desks, government IT services must move beyond static deployments and embrace dynamic support.
  • Improve overall cybersecurity: Data protection across multiple IT environments and expanding user groups demands cybersecurity management solutions capable of assessing current threats and recommending key improvements.
  • Enhance IT performance: More devices and more data mean greater resource demands. Robust monitoring and optimization services are essential to deliver consistent performance and improve output over time.

The Transformative Advantage

State and local government IT solutions must evolve to meet new performance, protection and procurement challenges. ITS helps government agencies transform their IT posture through process integration, system evolution and technology specialization — boosting strategic value and overall ROI.

Integration. Transformation. Specialization. Discover what ITS can do for your business.