The oil and gas industry is rapidly evolving as production requirements and demand curves shift in response to global events. Staying ahead of the competition now demands the strategic advantage that comes with practical adaptability and process agility. Firms that can’t keep pace will be left behind.

But for many companies, claiming this advantage isn’t easy. Existing ICS tools and SCADA technologies are often holdovers from previous system iterations that simply aren’t able to meet the service-driven, on-demand requirements of today’s changing oil and gas market.

At Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS), we have the market experience and technical expertise to deliver oil and gas industry IT solutions capable of serving current objectives and driving long-term strategy success.

Here’s how we can help.

Recognizing Resource Realities

Resource market firms face a critical challenge: the continually changing nature of supply and demand. Coupled with the rapid uptick of industrial cyberthreats, it’s now critical for firms to deploy IT infrastructure and services capable of keeping technology adoption on track while simultaneously increasing security.

ITS has your company covered with oil and gas IT solutions, including:

  • Utilities IT consulting: Where are current processes working, and where do they need to improve? Our consulting experts can help you identify key IT process pain points.
  • Infrastructure management at scale: At ITS, we recognize that every oil and gas company faces unique challenges and opportunities. Our client-focused infrastructure management helps build out the services and solutions that best align with your IT objectives.
  • Client-side computing support: Effective asset management is critical for oil and gas firms to improve end-user access without compromising security. Our comprehensive support structure ensures the best of both worlds.
  • Service desk delivery: Modernizing remote technical support with on-demand assistance and self-service options is critical for oil and gas companies to capitalize on digital-first objectives and outcomes.

Digging Deep 

It’s no longer enough to recognize the need for agile oil and gas IT implementation. Enterprises need strategy and solutions that address specific industry needs, such as:

  • Enhanced energy data services: Data drives decision-making. Oil and gas companies need IT infrastructure and support that empowers data capture and analysis.
  • Agile end-user support: End users now expect the same level of responsiveness from corporate IT solutions as from personal devices. As a result, agile end-user support is critical.
  • Improved system security: Embedded oil and gas legacy systems and tools require cutting-edge protection against potential compromise and emerging cybersecurity threats.
  • Proactive problem detection: With many oil and gas organizations now embracing the shift to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to help drive corporate strategy and deliver data, problem detection and resolution is critical. By leveraging asset management with proactive monitoring, self-healing and endpoint protection, it’s possible for oil and gas firms to make sure IIoT deployments continue to deliver insight on demand.

Taking Control 

At ITS, we’re committed to helping companies take control of their oil and gas IT solutions and claim their strategic enterprise advantage with complete, client-focused services that help outpace the competition.

Integration. Transformation. Specialization. Discover what ITS can do for your oil and gas enterprise. Get in touch today.