Who We Are

Innovative Technology Solutions is an end-to-end IT services provider powered by 500 technicians with a local presence and 35 years of global experience. We have client engagements with large and mid-sized enterprises across more than 80 communities across the United States with 4 domestic service centers and near shore capabilities. ITS delivers flexible, operational solutions which reduce your cost, mitigate risks and provide scale. Our differentiator is deploying proven technologies which deliver measurable and valuable results to our clients.

ITS accelerates business value for our customers by providing flexible, truly customized solutions for enterprise technology monitoring and management, service desk outsourcing, security and desk-side support. We enable customers to focus on their strategic initiatives by providing solutions that fit their unique IT environment.

Driven by innovation and proven by results, our team reduces your costs by streamlining IT support and transforming the way technology and tools are used. With a track record of high customer retention and turnkey support, our performance delivers 98% customer satisfaction rating and an average increased productivity of 20%

Simply put, we deliver custom solutions to make your business run better.

Our Beginning

We Began as an Idea Sketched on a Napkin 35 Years Ago

In 1985, thirty-two passionate people set out to form an independent company that would fill the gap needed in the services industry. With world class operational excellence, strategically diversified services and a rapidly expanding workforce, Advanced Technology Services (ATS) spun out of Caterpillar Inc. to become a multi-million-dollar, global company working with some of the largest brands in the world to make their business run better.

From the beginning, IT services were a key service provided to our clients. While ATS grew its specialized services toward factory and industrial maintenance, ITS grew in an increasingly competitive and complex market, differentiating itself by evolving with our clients’ needs, delivering superb customer experiences and deploying proven technologies that make a difference for our clients.

In 2017, ATS purchased Innovative Technology Solutions, LLC, a New Jersey based IT services company and executed a reverse integration in March 2019 to create the ITS of today. With all of the history, experience and capabilities of the ATS IT team combined into the new ITS, we stand ready to provide solutions that meet your needs now and into the future to help your business run better.